Plantation Shutters

Arizona Shutters are the premier suppliers and installers of wooden Interior plantation window shutters in Dorset, Hampshire,West Sussex, Wiltshire, Somerset, Bath, Surrey and Avon.

Arizona Shutters is the ONLY Shutter co. to offer a FIVE YEAR warranty.

Our founder has over 15 years experience in window dressing in America (the birth place of PLANTATION SHUTTERS), which has helped us to bring some of the American style , technique and design to Britain. Working for over 5 years in the UK, specialising in shutters has given us a feel for the unique architecture and design of the windows and openings that are found through out the British Isles.

We provide shutters of all kinds: Interior shutters, shaped panels, square shutters, framed shutters, wood shutters, mdf shutters, painted panels, lacquered panels, oiled panels, stained shutters, solid panels, solid base with louvered top, single shutters, bi-fold panels, multifold panels, products in 7 standard whites, As well as custom colour shutters.